About Us

EFFORT-LESS PRODUCTS is a privately owned business with its own manufacturing facility. The EFFORT-LESS team is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing proprietary products that take less effort to use than “the other guys”. These developmental thoughts are motivated by the knowledge that although we are all aging, there is no reason to stop doing what we love to and enjoy it even more!

We love wild birds and observed that most people’s feeders were always empty! And why? Because they are traditionally very hard to fill and maintain, ladders-bending-unscrewing, in all kinds of weather is definitely not fun and takes a lot more effort than we can give, and dangerous too at times! The patented EFFORT-LESS feature, brings the feeder down to you to fill, removing the roof automatically and then so easy to replace seed and even rinse clean from time to time, then one slide up the cord and back into place for feeding.

How EFFORT- LESS is that, and the birds are happy and we are happy to see and enjoy their natural beauty. Enjoy our collection of Finch, Mixed Seed and Suet Feeders in beautiful shapes and colors- and check back for more EFFORT-LESS products to come, Thank you – from fellow bird lovers

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